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MySurfer, co-founded by Bongane Shabalala and Kamohelo Mzangwa, is an affordable internet service provider for students, offering packages as low as R250 for uncapped internet for a month. They partner with accommodation providers for students and install their access points (similar to a router) in communes and student accommodation.

They have been around for four years and have grown to R750000 in revenue and over 2000 students, from their humble beginnings of a single commune serving 10 students.

They Just landed the biggest provider of accommodation for students in Bloemfontein, which means they will need to install 200 access points in 175 properties. Earn R100 a month for the next 24 months when you buy an access point, that they will install in these properties, for R1500.

How It Works
  1. You contribute R1500 (or a multiple of it, maximum is R30000 for 20 access points) to this campaign.
  2. At the end of the campaign you become an owner of the access point which will be managed under The MySurfer brand.
  3. For the next 24 months, you will earn R100 per month, per access point.
  4. this will be paid out quarterly to you
  5. The entire payment process will be managed by The People’s Fund and Audited by SnB Chartered Accountants & Auditors ( Practice Number 966205)
  6. The People’s Fund will take 10% of the proceeds (or R10 per month) to administer this.
  7. You own the access point for two years and then it is passed onto MySurfer after this period.
Expected Returns

NB!! First & foremost, we need to declare that this does not constitute financial advise in anyway and that we have made our projections based on historical yields. Buying assets that will be run by a small business is risky and you should only commit money you are willing to lose.

The expected return for this project is R2400. Which means an annual return of 30%.

Put in the rand amount for the amount you would like to buy (Please ensure it is a multiple of R1500).

Minimum Contribution R1,500.00

Maximum Contribution R30,000.00



  R300,000.00   Goal

37 Funders

4 days 0 hour 7 minutes left

Campaign Creator
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