State Enemy No. 1

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About The Movie

When  Collen  Chauke  and  his  comrades  returned  from  the  MK  camps  in  Angola,  they  were  filled  with  hope  at  the  establishment of  a  new,  democratic  country  that  they  could  call  home.  They  were  eager  to  see  change  for  themselves  and  for  their  families and  communities  who  had  endured  years  of  oppression.  When  they  discover  that  in  actual  fact,  nothing  has  changed,  they decide  to  take  matters  into  their  own  hands,  becoming  modern  day  Robin  Hoods.  Their  arrogance  and  “god  complex”  results  in a  number  of  deaths,  turning  them  from  romantic  heroes  to  dangerous  outlaws.  After  escaping  jail  once  and  embarking  on  an even  deadlier  spree,  Chauke  is  betrayed  by  his  onetime  girlfriend,  Grace  and  lives  out  the  rest  of  his  short  life  behind  bars.

Own The Movie

Ever wondered what it is like to be an executive producer of a movie? Well now you can be from as little as R100! How it works is you buy a portion of the movie (paying for the remaining production costs) and you own a piece of the movie for life. This has already been confirmed to be distributed via Ster Kinekor as well as an agreement to have it on M-Net Box Office. And the beauty? R80 of this will be paid back to you immediately once the film is finished and is guaranteed by the DTi incentive scheme. This is an Elvis Nkosi movie, his first feature film and work on it started in 2016. The project stalled due to budget constraints. After spending R2,3million on the movie thus far, his budget ran out. This is your chance to be co-executive producer of the movie.

DTi Rebate

The DTi rebate, which is paid for films produced in South Africa to bolster the industry, is an incentive paid back to the producers of films for completed films. This Rebate has a maximum of 50% of all the money spent on a project. Elvis Nkosi has agreed to have R2million of this rebate to be paid back to the crowd as soon as it is made available. This means that for every R100 you contribute to the campaign, R80 of this will be paid back to you as soon as the project is finished and the rebate has been paid back.


For your commitment to getting the movie complete, you will own 20% of the exploitation rights for life. Exploitation rights mean the ability to make money from a piece of art. So for every R100 the movie makes for life, you will share R20 with the rest of the crowd.

How It Works

  1. You contribute R100 (or more) to the campaign. (if you contribute R100 000 or more, your name will be included in the end credits of the movie as an executive producer).
  2. The movie is then completed, with a time frame of five months for completion. We expect it to hit cinemas on the 31st of August 2019.
  3. Every 3 months from its release, you will share in your proceeds of the 20% exploitation.

You Are Its First Ambassador

The beauty of you owning the movie, means that when it hits cinemas, you will be responsible for it doing well! If we have 25 000 people contribute R100 and then each bring one person to the cinema for opening weekend, we could easily have one of the first South African Films to ever do R2,5million in opening weekend!

NB: There is a handling fee associated with the payment gateway you choose to use on the checkout page.

Direct Bank Transfer 0%

i-Pay Instant EFT 3%

Scroll Down to “contribution” & put in the rand amount for the amount you would like to buy (and your name below), and then click on the “Contribute” button.

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1 review for State Enemy No. 1

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Z-W Tshabangu

    The Collen Chauke story is an important story and a story marking a particular history of our new democracy. Today the debate over land & opportunities for the majority who are marginalized in our country is a debate that Collen went to prison for & ultimately died there.
    The story of Collen Chauke is an important one to be told and shared with all generations. The picture quality of the trailer, the caliber of actors is mouth watering to see more. Looking forward to State Enemy No 1.

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