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iStarring Cinemas

iStarring Cinemas; a collaborative partnership between Tsoga Afrika & The People’s Fund;  is about disrupting the film & television industry, first for the South African market and then the broader African continent. We as South Africans bought R1,2billion in cinema tickets last year; but South African films only made up R45million of that. Furthermore, cinema and the South African television space is being disrupted by technology players such as Netflix. We want to bring the best South Africa content, past & present, to Your Cinemas and your home. How?

After trialing the concept on the last weekend of April 2018, we found that almost all ticket sales went to the newer titles. 60% of the people who arrived, came on the premiere movie night. So what do you do when South Africa releases around 24 movies for the cinema a year? Well you make the pop up an event! We are marrying the pop-up cinemas to events taking place all over the country and showing only the new movies as they premiere. The beauty is that you share in 15% of every ticket we sell.

iStarring Stream

We also observed a growing number of people discontinuing pay TV subscriptions to go for more video on demand services, so we decided to marry our cinema experience with a video on demand service, called iStarring Stream (www.starringstream.co.za). This is a R40 a month subscription for access to a wide range of content from around the continent. These are movies, series, documentaries and the beauty, is that you still earn your share of 15% of all of the subscriptions per month!


For R100, you can own your piece of the 10 pop-up cinemas and the iStarring Stream platform. You will share in 15% per ticket taking or subscription for the next 5 years!

How It Works
  1. You contribute R100 or more to this campaign.
  2. At the end of the campaign you become an owner of iStarring Pop-Up Cinema.
  3. For the next 5 years, you will earn your share of 15% per ticket sold (R7,5) or subscription (R6) on iStarring Stream.
  4. this will be paid out quarterly to you
  5. The entire payment process will be managed by The People’s Fund and Audited by SnB Chartered Accountants & Auditors ( Practice Number 966205)
  6. The People’s Fund will take 10% of the proceeds (or R0,75 per ticket sold or R0,60 per subscription) to administer this.
  7. You own the pop-up cinema for five years and then it is passed onto iStarring Cinemas after this period.
Expected Returns

NB!! First & foremost, we need to declare that this does not constitute financial advise in anyway and that we have made our projections based on historical yields. Buying assets that will be run by a small business is risky and you should only commit money you are willing to lose.


Tickets will be R50 for the cinema. We have assumed an average of 60% of the seats will be filled for each movie screening for the next 5 years. Each cinema costs R500 000 to setup. Each cinema will seat 100 people and each cinema will show 3 movies a day, twice a month. This means R33 for every R100 you put in


We expect to grow by 1000 subscribers per month for iStarring Stream for the next 5 years. The total return for every R100 you put in is R205.


The combined return is R237 (R33 + R205) for every R100 you put in.

This means that for each R100 you put in you can expect R238 over the next 5 years. put another way, you can expect a 27% year on year return. We have made a table of expected returns for illustrative purposes below:

Table of Expected Returns:

contribution Ticket Stream Returns
Return Return Total Yearly % Return Quartely
Year on Year
R100 R33 R205 R238 R47,60 27% R11,90
R1 000 R330 R2050 R2380 R476 27% R119
R10 000 R3 300 R20 500 R23800 R4760 27% R1 190
R1 000 000 R330 000 R2 050 000 R2 380 000 R476 000 27% R119 000


NB: There is a handling fee associated with the payment gateway you choose to use on the checkout page.

Direct Bank Transfer 0%

i-Pay Instant EFT 3%

Payfast R3 + 5%

Scroll Down & put in the rand amount for the amount you would like to buy. Please note the costing & projections may change based on how things change.

Minimum Contribution R100.00

Maximum Contribution R5,000,000.00



  R5,000,000.00   Goal

30 Funders

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    Amazing way to get movies to the masses and get the box office industry to become a South African affair.

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