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Chef Cuts

Chef Cuts, founded & run by Karabo Molokomme, is a 2 year old chopped and packaged, vegetable home delivery service operating in the Pretoria region. They have been helping pensioners, with a core customer base of 30 ladies & countless other occassional buyers, for whom they deliver a weekly bag to and remove the headache of shopping and chopping vegetables.

They have been doing this by word of mouth and have had a limited range due to the 1 tonne truck they use for delivery, not having refrigeration. This is where you come in. For as little as R1000 you can buy your portion of the the refrigeration to go into the 1tonne truck and ecommerce platform, to allow them to increase their radius. For this, you will share in R15 per bag of Chef Cut veggies that they deliver for the next three years.

How It Works
  1. The refrigeration system along with the e-commerce solution will cost a total of R53 000.
  2. You can buy a portion of it for R1000 and maximum is R53 000.
  3. At the end of the campaign you become part owner of the refrigerated truck and e-commerce website, which will be managed under The Chef Cuts brand.
  4. For the next 3 years, you will earn your share of R15 for each bag delivered by Chef Cuts (each R1000 earns 28cent per bag delivered).
  5. this will be paid out quarterly to you
  6. The entire payment process will be managed by The People’s Fund and Audited by SnB Chartered Accountants & Auditors ( Practice Number 966205)
  7. The People’s Fund will take 10% of the proceeds (or 2,8cent ($0,28) per kilo) to administer this.
  8. You own the website & refrigerated truck for 3 years and then it is passed onto Chef Cuts after this period.
Expected Returns

NB!! First & foremost, we need to declare that this does not constitute financial advise in anyway and that we have made our projections based on historical yields. Buying assets that will be run by a small business is risky and you should only commit money you are willing to lose.

Chef Cuts currently serves 30 regular weekly customers in a small region. We expect this to grow to well over 60 customers per week but have done our estimations on 45 customers.

That means a total of 2340 bags per year & 7020 bags delivered over 3 years. This means the R35100 per year or R105 300 over 3 years. That means each R1000 portion of the truck will make R1987 over the three years, or R662 per year. Put another way, it is a 32,9% return, year on year.

Put in how many you would like to buy, anywhere from R1000 to R53 000

Own A Chopped Vegetable Delivery Solution With Chef Cuts

by Karabo@CHEFCUTS

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Gerhard De Jager R5,000.00 February 10, 2018
Hlobisile Vilakazi R2,000.00 February 07, 2018
Nompumelelo Khumalo R3,000.00 February 06, 2018
Nompumelelo Khumalo R3,000.00 February 06, 2018
Nompucuko Badi R1,000.00 February 05, 2018
Brownsense Stokvel R84,500.00 February 05, 2018
Matodzi Matshidze R1,000.00 January 29, 2018
Nomvula Nkabinde R1,000.00 January 27, 2018
Tracy CRICHTON R1,000.00 January 25, 2018
Jane Walls Hurwitz R3,000.00 January 24, 2018
Thabo Mashegoane R3,500.00 January 07, 2018
Palesa Monahadi R5,000.00 January 03, 2018
Yolisa Madubula R1,000.00 December 27, 2017
Naweed Khan R1,000.00 December 21, 2017
Charles Cracknell R25,800.00 December 13, 2017
Gugulethu Dlamini R1,000.00 December 11, 2017
Malefu Sello R1,000.00 December 11, 2017
Sharon Mthetho R24,000.00 December 04, 2017
Sibonelo Mbongwe R3,700.00 November 26, 2017