We provide capital to businesses with purchase orders for the supply of goods to government and corporate. We pay your suppliers directly once approved and ensure delivery of goods to your client. We do purchase orders funding where the project period is not be more than 60 days. Furthermore, your margins for the Purchase Order should be atleast 20% (unless your purchase order is for R50 000 and less).

If your project fits this scope and your business meets the criteria below, please fill in the form that follows so that can explore how best to assist you.

Depending on your margin, please note that we currently charge 6% of the total purchase order value (plus VAT) in order to facilitate you with capital to execute your purchase order. However, if your total purchase order value is less than R50000, then we charge a flat rate of R3000 (plus VAT) in order to facilitate you with capital to execute your purchase order.

NB!! If you have never worked with the client, we are willing to review your purchase order if it is with one of our preferred End Clients which can be found by Clicking Here.

Your business must be

≥ 51% black-owned

and have a BEE certificate or affidavit

Your business must have

Worked with the client

you want to fulfill a purchase order for or be with our list of preferred clients

Your business must have

Valid quotes ready

from your suppliers

Your business must have

Official bank statements

for the past 12 months

Immediately after submitting your application, you will be required to send the following documents and information; therefore, please have everything ready so that your application can be processed quickly:

From your client, we will need:
1. The official purchase order (which also indicates how long after delivery your client will make payment). Please note that unofficial, illegible or handwritten purchase orders won’t be accepted
2. All the contact details of the contact person at their procurement office

From your supplier(s), we will need:
1. The quote(s) for the cost of materials or goods that you will be supplying (if you are applying to fund only some of the costs of the purchase order, then you will also need to submit proof that the other costs have been paid for)

From you, we will need:
1. Proof of previous work done with the client in the past 12 months (this must include the purchase orders; delivery notes; and invoices)
2. Your company bank statements for the past 12 months
3. All your business documents:
a. Company registration documents
b. Bank account confirmation letter
c. Business proof of address (not older than 3 months)
d. BBBEE certificate/affidavit
e. Tax clearance
4. The director’s documents:
a. Recently certified copy of I.D (not older than 3 months)
b. Recent proof of residence (not older than 3 months)
c. A declaration of directors and shareholding

Please note that we highly recommend that you send all of the above-mentioned items all at once and in order, so that your application can be processed efficiently and quickly.


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