We currently assist businesses with purchase orders for the supply of goods; where the goods to be supplied are sourced from a company different to the one seeking assistance with funding. We do purchase orders of any size (subject to funds available) and the project period should not be more than 60 days. Purchase orders requiring capital of R250 000 and below are funded internally; and those requiring capital above R250 000 are passed onto our partners. Furthermore, your margins for the Purchase Order should 30% or more.

If your project fits this scope and your business meets the criteria below, please fill in the form that follows so that can explore how best to assist you.

Please note that we currently charge 6% of the total purchase order value (including vat) or a minimum of R3000 to facilitate you with capital to execute your purchase order.

Your business must be

≥ 51% black-owned

and have a BEE certificate or affidavit

Your business must have

Worked with the client

you want to fulfill a purchase order for

Your business must have

Valid quotes ready

from your suppliers

Your business must have

Official bank statements

for the past 12 months