First Time

Please fill in the form below to get funded!

Hey! Congratulations on securing your first Purchase Order. We want to help you to continue to do this, so what we are going to do is use our resources to help you execute on it properly. This means we will provide you with the capital, ensure delivery takes place properly, develop a delivery note and invoice template for you, help you submit these with your client,  chase payments with you.

What do we want in return? As your partner we would like to share your profits equally. Well only for this first one. If we do this right, we graduate you to our main system where we charge 6% of the value of your PO (purchase order – don’t worry, you will learn this jargon along the way).

Oh, by the way, our portion of profit will include VAT, so you do not have to worry about that and your stokvel fee of R1600 (we are starting a bank and this R1600 is your share purchase – more on this later). For now though, please fill in the form below to see if we can fund your project

If your project is for R50 000 and lower, we will be charging a flat fee of R5050 (which includes our VAT and your stokvel fee in it).

PS. your company must be 51% black owned and have 20% and above gross margin.