The type of crowdfunding we do on our platform helps you get assets that can help your businesses grow. And whilst we don’t have a limit with regards to the industry and the amount of money that you can crowdfund for, we do require that your business at least meet the criteria below before you fill out the application form that follows.

Your business must be

≥ 51% black-owned

and have a BEE certificate or affidavit

Your business must be

Operating for ≥ 2 years

and demonstrate growth

Your business must have

Turned over ≥ R100 00

in the past 12 months

Your business must have

Financial statements

for the past 12 months

IMPORTANT: If you do not have financial statements, you can use any one of the following two options:

  1. You can do them yourself using Wave; they run a free accounting platform (click here for more info)
  2. You can also do them yourself using Xero; they offer extensive accounting solutions from as little as R220p/m (click here for more info)
  3. You can enlist the services of SMTAX; they have a wide variety of great and affordable accounting solutions for small businesses (click here for more info)

Without proper financial statements, it becomes very difficult to assist you.

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